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Donativos para Obras de la Parroquia

Entre los programas actuales que ofrece la involucrados los servicios de la parroquia están:

  • Grandparents' Shelter: A playful space designed for the elderly in the neighborhood.

  • Free training for children's, youth, and adult choirs, totaling nine formations including bands, choirs, and ministries.

  • Assistance to individuals facing vulnerability, poverty, or social exclusion in our towns, neighborhoods, and cities.

  • Parish Caritas (aid for the homeless, purchasing medications, personal hygiene, and other basic needs).

  • Visiting the sick in hospitals and clinics in the area.

Using your bank app:
  1. Select Bizum

  2. Donation and inform the code: 00339

  3. Or trough the telephone: 900 109 130.

Other possibilities how to do your donation:
  • Using banking account :

    • ES62 2100 0819 3702 0043 3000

  • Using the web page :

    • Write the zip code 08001 and chose our church.


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